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My Sailor Dad

My Sailor Dad is the first book in the Patriot Kids series. Published in 2008, My Sailor Dad has been a best-seller for its publisher, has earned praise from thousands of readers nationwide, and was awarded a Gold Medal for Best Children’s Book in 2010 by the Military Writers Society of America.

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The Patriot Kids book series exists to bolster national pride in our service members, be an invaluable resource for service member families, and be engaging, educational books for military kids.

Hundreds of readers have communicated, “I wish books like this existed when my kids were young.”

Now they do!

My Soldier Dad

Published in 2017, My Soldier Dad is the much-anticipated second book in the Patriot Kids series. New in this book are two exciting stories-within-stories, some fantastic artistic techniques that help kids feel that they are actually part of the story, and a celebration of Dad’s humanitarian efforts in addition to his military prowess.

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Our Core Values


For much of our lives, we humans actively search for knowledge, meaning, and wisdom. We do this because with knowledge comes understanding; with knowledge comes power (over fears, misconceived or misunderstood notions, and even power over beliefs that are untrue); and with knowledge comes comfort through understanding.

A small universe of products exist to support American military families and children, each product uniquely intent on increasing the knowledge of military children specifically regarding the significance, sacrifice, and service of their parents. Hero Kids Book Project strives to place these important and useful products in the hands of those who might benefit from them, proactively seeking to build knowledge, an act that fosters understanding, strengthens power and self-confidence, and also provides the comfort they so desperately require.

For centuries, the one thing that brings families together in unique, tangible, and loving ways is books: physical books. Books broaden horizons, cultivate the imagination, and encourage conversation. Books educate, enlighten, and explain. Books teach. Books illustrate. Books increase our knowledge.


Approximately 1% of Americans defend the freedom of the remaining 99% of Americans. Military families are extremely special and wonderfully different than non-military families. They are selfless, resilient, and proud. They understand sacrifice; they personify strength; they risk their own lives and sacrifice their own freedoms to defend the lives and freedoms of others. As phenomenal as they are, however, military families also face decisions and struggles that most families will never consider. For these reasons, Hero Kids Book Project believes in the intentional encouragement of military families – specifically military children – and supporting them in any way we can. We believe that through captivating stories and illustrations, books encourage those in need.


Hero Kids Book Project’s business practices are governed by the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that giving away books and products that educate and encourage military families personifies loving our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22: 37-40). Further, we believe that such actions strengthen relationships – to include a relationship with Jesus Christ – and the interpersonal relationships so critical in each nuclear family.

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If you have any questions or comments, we welcome them here. Also, if you are a military unit or family readiness group and would like to request that books be sent to your unit, please send point-of-contact name and address along with your request here.

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